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Electronic payments gateway

Used to integrate payment methods on virtual stores, web solutions and call center, and it enables the customer to choose the authorizers.


There are two ways to integrate the system:

Through Web service. In the checkout, the final customer pays directly on the virtual store.

Or via POST / HTML. The final customer is directed to an exclusive and secure page to complete the purchase.

Benefícios - E-commerce

  • With this solution, it is possible to use the main authorizers and keep flexibility to exchange them, when necessary;
  • For the business model with both brick-and-mortar and virtual store, all transactions are integrated to deliver an easier and more efficient sales management;
  • The solution allows operations with credit cards, debit to checking account (for covenant banks only), bank slip, prepaid mobile recharge operations, processed by the main authorizing agents;
  • PCI-DSS certified environment that meets all security rules for online transactions;
  • Secure storage for cards data (One-Click-Buy);
  • Allows integration with ARU (Audible Response Unit);
  • Visa and MasterCard MPI certification. It allows
  • Allows the issuer to validate the transaction as secure (authenticated), even typed, minimizing the risk of fraud and avoiding chargeback.

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