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TEF Mobile

TEF Mobile

Practicality in payment transactions

Recommended for smartphones or credit/debit cards (Chip & PIN), through applications developed for smartphones or tablets.


The customer must have one of the EFT solutions (TEF Fácil, TEF Nuvem or TEF Hospedagem), and a sales application on a mobile device with Android, iOS or Windows Mobile. This device needs to communicate with a Bluetooth Pin Pad.


Benefícios - TEF Mobile

  • More convenience for payments. The solution meets the security required by the authorizing agents;
  • Integrated with Sitef®, this is a way to increase the transactions and services such as debit, credit, benefit cards and covenants through tablets or smartphones. It is compatible with all Sitef® services, such as mobile recharge and bank correspondent;
  • The tablet or smartphone communicates with the Pin Pad * via Bluetooth, providing greater mobility in your establishment;
  • In compliance with the new TAS and e-invoice legislation.

*Check if the Pin Pad is approved by the administrator

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