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Acquirer / Sub-acquirer

Acquirer / Sub-acquirer

Use POS to receive card payment with the main flags using NAVS - Skytef Browser
With the opening of the payment market in recent years, several transformations are occurring, such as companies that already have a distribution channel in niches that now can take advantage to receive card payment with the main flags.

SKYTEF delivers a ready solution to capture transactions using POS, which, added to a card ERP application, technically enables a sub-acquirer.

See below how it works, specially the "Sub-Contract with Network Acquirer", as this is the first step for companies that intend to become sub-acquirers, where the commercial part of fees is discussed.
Your company can have two types of relationship with the acquiring network: VAR/White Label and Sub-acquirer.

Available Acquirers: Rede, Getnet, Stone, Bin, Vero / Banrisul and Global Payment.

After the Contract / Relationship with the acquiring network, send an e-mail to comercial@skytef.com.br, requesting commercial assistance.


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