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Commercial automation

Commercial automation

Have you considered putting your Commercial Automation System in a POS?

In the traditional Commercial Automation System the customer must use a PC or tablet, printer, scanner, Pin Pad (TEF) and TAS (Authenticator and Transmitter System) / e-invoice issuance. With the NAVS platform, the customer only needs a POS with embedded printer and Pin Pad (TEF *), scanner (USB) and TAS e-invoice emission.

Advantages of this business model: Space optimization at check-out, lower cost, ease of XML programming using the NAVS platform (Skytef Navigator) and mobility (POS with battery that enables delivery service, mobile seller and table attendance).

Skytef offers: POS Hardware, Commercial Automation Application Portfolio (NAVS), Development Support with specialized team and intermediation between the acquiring networks and the CE (Commercial Establishment).


  • Select item / product for sale;
  • Select / enter quantities;
  • Select payment method;
  • Payment collection
  • TAS printing (when applicable) / invoices
  • Credit / debit transaction voucher printing.

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