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Special Projects

Special Projects

Businesses demand new operational needs every day, and the available technological solutions are not always able to meet them.
From attentive listening to the customer's wishes and difficulties, we began to develop custom transaction capture applications, categorized as special projects.

In addition to carrying out the financial transaction with the acquirer, we integrate with the customer's back-end system (ERP) to consult and reconcile payment data to a specific indexer (cpf, rg, order, budget, electricity/water bill). Thus, it is possible to have online and real-time control of what the end customer has paid.

Available structure:
POS Capture Solutions
traditional POS
android POS
mPOS integrated with Android smartphone
PC Capture Solution with PinPad (SKYTEFWEB)
Reconciliation Gateway between POS/PC Capture and Acquirers Base2 File


Segments in which we operate

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