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TEF Conciliação

TEF Conciliação

All transactions in one place

Conciliation compares all the data from transactions made via ETF, using the information available in the authorizers’ electronic statements. It improves the proccess to check receivables, rates, amounts, onlendings and other transactions.


The customer must have one of the EFT solutions (TEF Fácil, TEF Nuvem or TEF Hospedagem), which can be installed on premise or on a cloud server.


Benefícios - TEF Conciliação

  • Reduces operational risks and financial losses by offering efficient card sales management;
  • Provides efficiency in business management;
  • The system conciliates information – which reduces time;
  • Treats specific occurrences of each authorizing process, such as anticipation of receivables, adjustments events (cancellations, chargebacks, etc.), cash flow and commission rates/rates;
  • All transactions are safely stored in a database;
  • Check information by: period (date), store, acquirer, flag, etc.

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