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Skytef strives for long-term partnerships, to turn challenges and demands into viable and customized solutions for each business, together with partners and customers.

We are on the IT market since 2002, now with more than 25 thousand customers in Brazil.

We offer tools for financial transactions, such as EFT solutions and POS machines, which serve different types of establishments, regardless of size. In addition, we created the NAVS platform, which enables applications development for POS -  an innovative solution as an alternative to traditional commercial automation systems.

Our support is carried out by a team of helpful and committed experts. We are always willing to listen and assist in the service in order to solve the problem.


To act in the market of electronic transactions and payment methods to develop and to distribute technological solutions that add value in a continuous and lasting way - to our customers, partners, shareholders and to our team.


To be recognized by the market as a reliable company and reference in technological solutions


Commitment, honesty, ethics and respect to people and focus on results.


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