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Global Payments Expands Flags for Acceptance in Its Card Machine

Global Payments Brasil, a leading global provider of electronic payment services, announced the partnership with new cardboard brands. The company is now accepting transactions with Elo, Alelo, Sodexo and Cabal Vale flags in its POS machines, at all establishments accredited around the country.

This is the first step to the expansion of flags that the brand is seeking to achieve, taking into account the need to be increasingly present in the payment market, and gains more agility with the determination of the Central Bank, about the end of the exclusivity of flags in machines card. Until then, the company's activity in Brazil was restricted to Visa and Mastercard.

"We have been negotiating with companies for some time, and now we have implemented these four flags in our solution. With this further step, we reaffirm our mission to increasingly serve retailers and, consequently, increase their business opportunities, "says Marcia Mello, president at Global Payments in Brazil.

Initially, the launch makes the flags available for the POS. The second stage of the process is to expand acceptance in e-commerce and EFT (pinpads) operations.
Source: Segs (http://www.segs.com.br/demais/95268-global-payments-amplia-bandeiras-para-aceitacao-em-sua-maquina-de-cartao.html) 

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