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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When accessing the Skytef website (www.skytef.com.br), or any company belonging to the same economic group (such as BAM) (collectively, the "Companies"), as well as the products and services offered therein (collectively, the “Sites”), users accept the rules on the collection, access, use, storage, transfer, enrichment and elimination of their collected personal data, declaring their free and expressed agreement with the terms stipulated herein.

This Policy applies to all Users who access the Sites, including Collaborators, regardless of their hierarchical level, function and position exercised and their current location.

In this Policy, the presented terms shall have the following meanings, as defined by the applicable law:

Anonymization: use of reasonable technical means and available at the time of processing, through which a datum loses the possibility of direct or indirect association with an individual.

Collaborator: means any partner, manager, employee, contractor or representative of the Companies.

Consent: free, informed and unambiguous declaration by which the holder agrees with the processing of his personal data for a specific purpose.

Cookies: internet files that store, for a specific time, defined by the Companies, information about the user's browsing habit and preference on the internet.

Personal Data: information related to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Sensitive Personal Data: Personal Data on racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, membership in a union or organization of religious, philosophical or political nature, data referring to health or sexual life, genetic or biometric data, when linked to a natural person.

Holder: natural person whom the Personal Data that are the object of Processing refer to.

Principle of Adequacy: means one of the principles that guides the Processing of Personal Data, and that establishes the need for compatibility of the Processing with the purposes informed to the Holder, in accordance with the Processing context.

Processing: all operations performed with Personal Data or Sensitive Personal Data, such as those that refer to the collection, production, receiving, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of information , modification, communication, transfer, diffusion or extraction.

User: means any person who accesses the Sites, even though he may not be a Collaborator.

Personal Data are collected when entered or voluntarily submitted by the User when using any service proposed by the Sites.

The information we collect includes: name, email address, telephone number and entity to which the User is linked.

The User may voluntarily provide information about Personal Data other than those explained previously.

The Personal Data of Users collected by the Sites can be used for the following purposes:

i. Return contact;
ii. Integrate the prospecting database;
iii. Curriculum bank; or
iv. Registration of new suppliers (to sell a service or product to the Companies).

When accessing the Sites, certain information about the User may be stored, such as the internet protocol (IP), the browser used, the operating system, the content accessed, the time of use of the site and other information of the same nature. The Sites may also collect personal information through completion of forms for sending of newsletters and bulletins, or when download of material is carried out.

The legal bases are the hypotheses used for a valid Processing of Personal Data, in accordance with art. 7 of the Brazilian General Data Protection Law.

Every time the Processing of Personal Data requires the obtainment of User's Consent, a request will be shown in order to declare his agreement.

This Consent may be revoked at any time, provided the User expressly and unequivocally does so.

The revocation of the Consent will result in the closing of the Processing activity, but will not necessarily lead to the elimination of the Users' Personal Data, to the extent that such Personal Data must be kept by the Companies for compliance with legal, regulatory or contractual obligations which it is a part of.

For deletion of the stored Personal Data, the User must expressly request by e-mail lgpd.encarga@skytef.com.br for the deletion of his Personal Data from the Companies' database.

Legitimate interest
Companies may use cookies that are considered necessary for browsing in the Sites or even use of solutions for direct marketing. The use of cookies, in these cases, is based on the legitimate interest of the Companies.

This legal basis meets the expectations of the Holders regarding a product or service, as well as the interests of the Processing agents in their supply.

User data collected by the Company are accessed only by duly authorized professionals, respecting the principles of proportionality, in addition to the commitment to confidentiality and preservation of privacy under the terms of this Privacy Policy.

The Sites may use other technologies to collect Users' browsing data, including, but not limited to, cookies, web beacons and JavaScript resources. However, such technologies will always respect the terms of this Privacy Policy and the User's options regarding the Processing of Personal Data.

The collected Personal Data will be stored in a secure and controlled environment, under the terms of the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet. Personal Data may be kept in a secure and controlled environment for an indefinite period, and will be discarded at the User's request, in case the purpose that motivated its processing is reached, or even the extinction of the Companies.

Skytef adopts security levels within the legal requirements for the protection of Personal Data. However, it is important that the User is aware that due to the nature and technical characteristics of the Internet, this protection is not infallible and is subject to violation by the most diverse malicious practices. In the event of any security incident involving the Users' Personal Data, which entails relevant risk or damage, Skytef promises to inform them about the occurrence, and it is likewise certain that it will communicate its occurrence to the competent authorities.

As a rule, Skytef uses its own or dedicated servers for the storage of Users' Personal Data, which are located in Brazilian territory and subject to the rules provided for in Brazilian Laws. There are, however, situations in which Personal Data may be stored on servers maintained outside the national territory, as in the case of cloud storage, usually in the United States of America, in view of the contracted cloud computing services - and will only be provided to third parties in accordance with the law and/or through court order or administrative authorities that have legal competence to do so. In these cases, Skytef ensures that Personal Data will receive the same level of protection that would be given to them if they were stored on servers located in Brazilian territory.

Users can request the display, rectification or ratification of their personal data, through the Data Request Form, available in our website at https://www.skytef.com.br/fale-conosco. Through the same service tool, the User can request the exclusion of his collected and registered personal data.

Skytef may, for purposes of auditing and preservation of rights, keep the User data record history for a longer period on the hypotheses that the law or regulatory norm so establishes or for the preservation of rights. However, Skytef has the power of deleting them definitively at its convenience in a shorter period of time.

Skytef may change the content of this Privacy Policy at any time, according to the purpose or need, such as for adequacy and legal compliance of a provision of law or standard that has equivalent legal force, and the User is responsible for checking it whenever he carries out access to the website.

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