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Skytef and Pequeno Príncipe Hospital

Located in Curitiba, Pequeno Príncipe, the largest exclusively pediatric hospital in Brazil, is a national reference in pediatrics. The institution is qualified in more than 30 medical specialties, focusing on high and medium complexity, is also an integrated center for diagnosis and treatment.

The project supported by the company is the "For the Right to Life III", which aims to promote health through the association between hospital and outpatient care, and it also ensures the development of scientific researches, trained professionals and the dissemination of all of these actions contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the children and adolescents in treatment at Hospital Pequeno Príncipe, and to the reduction of infant and child mortality.

Thanks to the target values, the project helped to make it possible, last year alone, to purchase 1.7 million items, including high-cost drugs, supplies and consumables, as well as 700 equipment for innovation and renewal technology, in order to provide comfort and safety to patients, as well as new equipment for the support areas.

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